RCP Wedding is the house of the top wedding photographers in Kolkata who are passionate about their job. All our experts are highly experienced and known for their distinct taste of photography. We are also backed by skilled photo editors.

We are headed by Rahi Chattopadhyay, the leading female wedding photographer in Kolkata, and Rano Chattopadhyay, a creative wedding photographer with years of experience.

RCP Wedding Photographer

The success of RCP Wedding is the product of Rahi's outstanding management skill, collaborating power, and the hard work of our experienced photographers. We mainly offer services like Bengali Wedding, Marwari Wedding, Gujrati Wedding, Muslim Wedding and others. We also have experts who work for pre wedding shoot, traditional wedding, photojournalistic wedding photography and candid wedding photography to make the moments eternal.

Rano Chattopadhyay is a reliable, creative wedding photographer with years of experience. He is extremely passionate when it comes to capturing the best shot through his lens. He developed his likelihood at a very young age. He was groomed by his grandfather, a renowned director in the Bengali film industry.
Rano Chattopadhyay has experience of more than 15 years in the industry as a wedding photographer. So far, he has worked on and completed more than 500 + projects. He always embarks on new projects with new challenges and dedicates his passion to create innovative results.
Rano Chattopadhyay is currently the founder of RCP WEDDING, a well-known wedding photography brand with a pool of highly skilled photographers with great taste in photography.
Rano Chattopadhyay is a perfect match of technical and aesthetic skills. He has gained exceptional knowledge of high-end cameras, modern lenses, and equipment. He is also familiar as an excellent mentor with over 5 years of experience in teaching wedding photography.
Rano has successfully conducted innumerable online and offline workshops in PAN India. He has also received many honours and recognitions and performed as a judge in several National and International Competitions in the last few years.

For us, every project is a new challenge, and each member of our team gives their best to make the most of it. Whenever we get a project, we call a meeting where every member of our team participates in discussing new ideas and possibilities regarding the project. Our efficiency in photography and creativity in cinematography make us the best choice for wedding photography in Kolkata. If you are looking for the best newborn photographer in Kolkata even, then RCP Wedding can be your best pick. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call. Let's discuss your project!!