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Brief Discussion on Different Types of Videography for Your Wedding

To make your wedding day even more special and memorable, most people opt for videography films and photo sessions. Considering the chain of events on the wedding day, it seems that the day finishes like a wink. But the best way to cherish all those precious moments is by hiring top wedding photographers in Kolkata. The professionals will capture all the sounds, sights, and emotions so that the memories can be relished again even after years. 

Both wedding and pre-wedding photographers in Kolkata or any other location ensure that everything you do on your special moments will remain for long. They have a different set of videography styles that makes the presentation even more special. 

Let’s find out some popular styles that professionals offer to make wedding films. 

Storytelling Videography Style

This is indeed the hard work-intensive style among all the forms available for wedding videography. This style comprises a video, or it starts with a photo montage of the wedding ceremony accompanied by a narrative voice and music. 

It can be similar to cinematic videography style mainly for its editing approach, but the result might differ. Apart from footage of the ceremony, one also gets to see dialogues and testimonials in these videos.

Cinematic Style

This particular style can be a great option for all those couples who like it in a more artistic look for capturing the big day. The editing process becomes way important with this style, and different angles for the camera are used in a creative manner to get the best shots. 

The cinematic style of the video starts with an interview of the bride and groom where they share or explain how they met with each other to give more stories to the wedding day. 

Traditional Style

This is the most common form of videography style followed by professionals. It usually captures the proceedings of the ceremony and the reception. A very little editing is needed for this style, and the overall length could be even more than three to four hours. 

Irrespective of the type of style chosen, it is always important to have a word with the traditional wedding videographers in Kolkata or in your preferred location. Let them make you understand the entire concept and try to cooperate with them to get extraordinary results. Make sure to get the best resource for the job, as this will happen once in a lifetime. 

Music Video Style

If you are someone who feels that life should be musical anyways, this could be the best choice to get the wedding filmed. Although very short in time, but these videos are enough to cherish the beautiful moments of the most precious day of your life. 

These videos do not last for more than three minutes. And the biggest highlight is the dance song item of both the bridge as well as the groom on any of their favorite tune or song. You can upload these videos on your social media platforms to share the happiness of tying the knot with your beloved partner. 

Documentary Style

This is a personalized form of style for a bride who wants each and every single shot of the wedding on the film. In this straightforward style of videography, each and every moment will come out in chronological order. The professional makes use of more than one camera to capture all the happenings of the day. 

Usually, these films are longer than any other styles available in the industry.  It remains no doubt that this particular style needs a great professional skillset and experience. You can consider hiring a lady wedding photographer in Kolkata to do the right justice to your event. 

Professionals nowadays use various tools to create wedding films like Drones, Gimbals, Sliders, and Gilders. All you need is to connect with the professionals and discuss the entire planning for your wedding. The experts will offer you the right advice and ensure that you have such a memorable event and, of course, for your partner as well. Please let’s know what you think about the styles. Get in touch with us to get professional quotes from the experts or to know more about the styles. 

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